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July 17 2014

July 16 2014

June 02 2014

Pharmacy Technician Openings

You can find pharmacy technician openings in places like drugstores, in hospitals, grocery stores, mail order and as a civilian tech with government agencies.

June 01 2014

Pharmacy Technician Jobs

Pharmacy technician jobs are soaring in an otherwise weak economy. Every time someone goes to fill a prescription, they encounter a pharmacy technician or the result of their work.

May 30 2014

Pharmacy Technician Responsibilities

Pharmacy technician responsibilities are going to vary depending on the type of environment you’re working in.

May 29 2014

The Truth About A Pharmacy Technician Salary

Some technicians go on to work with drug companies who need individuals with an understanding of pharmacology which can mean a very good pharmacy technician salary.

Pharmacy Tech – Hot New Career Path

Pharmacy tech careers are the hot new path for job growth in the economy and it’s no wonder why. You can start training as young as age 16 and complete your coursework in just 2-3 semester of school before you’re viable to get certified!

May 27 2014

Pharmacy Tech Salary

A pharmacy tech salary is made or broken based on how much you experience in your training. There are three ways you can increase your pay, so let’s examine those. They include education, internship, and certification.
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